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Produce Barn is open Sunday Monday Tuesday & Wednesday Farm Phone 352 799 6752 When we're busy in the field, our cells keep us available 352-232-3381 & 352-232-0294

E-mail us , we prefer phone calls rather than emails,beas9781@bellsouth.net

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Free Green Beans upick, Fathers Day 10.00 Produce Box

Farm open Sunday Monday and Tuesday with our special 10.00 Produce Box. Also open Wednesday but no Produce box on Wednesday. We are accepting the senior vouchers all days open. We are finished with our green bean fields but still beans in them so for this week you are welcome to go pick a bucket free of charge. We also have sunflowers upick only 1.00 flower.  Also we created our first maze as a practice for our upcoming fall events and feel free to go thru our practice maze no charge. The kids are loving it! Also bring the kids to feed our farm animals.  

Just a reminder our farm will be closed the month of August for our family time and Produce barn cleaning and painting and also field work.  We will reopen in September.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Beasley Farm June Monthly Market Saturday and Sunday 10 to 4pm

 Farm Update:

Saturday and Sunday is our Monthly Market 10 to 4pm at Beasley Farm. The Produce barn will have alot to choose from and will be making our $10.00 Produce box too. The Produce barn will have sweet corn, seedless watermelons, cantelopes, tomatoes, our awesome beets, peppers, cucumbers and more! 

Local vendors will be here and food trucks and snacks of all kinds available too! Even a coffee truck!

We will have green beans , beets and sunflowers for upick too! We also made our first MAZE! what fun and we are not charging to go thru the maze. No entry fee and no parking fee for the market, just come and enjoy the day. We are hoping for good weather.  If you want to see pictures, check out Beasley Farm facebook page.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Beasley Farm Update

 Beasley Farm will be open Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am to 5pm. Tomorrow we will have a nice variety of sweet corn, seedless watermelons, tomatoes, and more for you to choose from.

Fresh picked beets and swiss chard and daikons and squash all picked today, organically grown.

Blackeye peas available 12.00 quart freezer bag, approx 2 pounds shelled blackeyes. Conchs will be ready in about two weeks.

We have our $10.00 Produce box available on Sunday , Monday and Tuesday.

Sunflower Upick : bring your clippers and a jar to take them home in.

Next Green Bean upick in about a week to two weeks, rainfall helps.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Beasley Farm Update

 Beasley Farm is open on Sunday Monday and Tuesday 8 to 5pm with our $10.00 Produce Box special.  The contents change up a bit from week to week depending what is being harvested so you can expect fresh variety of produce.  We have a list posted in the Produce barn and also on our chalkboard on the far wall so you will know what we are putting together for you. If you don't care for the box you can always shop and choose from our Produce barn display.  We are also open on Wed but no box special on Wed.  We are closed on Thursday , Friday and Saturday for our field days.

Upick this week- Sunflowers. Bring your clippers and a cup for water to take them home in.  Small ones in back are 2 for 1.00 and the autumn beauty sunflowers in front are 1.00 each

Upick Beets , organically grown are 3 for 1.00 in front field

We did receive over 6 inches in our rain gauge so fields are slippery and wet. Wear old shoes for sure. 

No beans quite ready yet, another 2 weeks or so. We are picking our squash and corn for you.

Follow Beasley Farm facebook for more updates and pictures. Our monthly market is always the second weekend of each month so mark your calendars for that. Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Beasley Farm Update

 Upick Green Beans   Tomorrow from 10 am to 5pm.  $5.00 picking bucket, organically grown also 

Upick on Sunflowers 2 for $1.00 , please bring your clippers. We will also be making our $10.00 Produce box which is available on Sunday Monday and Tuesday at the farm. List of contents posted in Produce barn.  

Our next market with vendors and food trucks is May 14th and 15th. Please mark your calendars. No entry fee, no parking fee just come and enjoy the day with all our vendors. Come hungry lots to choose from .

No word yet when or where the senior vouchers are going to be given out. I will update when I hear news.

Our farm is open on Sunday Monday and Tuesday for the special 10.00 Produce box, also open on Wednesday but no box that day. Closed Thursday Friday and Saturdays as those are our field days.

Follow Beasley Farm facebook page for pictures and farm updates.  Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Open Easter Sunday, Senior Voucher Update

 We are open tomorrow Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with our $10.00 Produce box. We are also Wednesday 8 to 5pm but no box special on Wednesday.  The Produce Barn has a nice variety for you to choose from.  We are also offering FREE SWISS CHARD, UPICK so bring your own favorite knife  to cut it.  Our first sunflower patch is coming in.  They are the small ones for table vases.  They are also a upick and 2 flowers for $1.00

SENIOR Vouchers are having all kinds of delays right now. So I do not have any distrubution dates yet.  I will post when I have some information for you.  

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