10137 Preston Rd

just off Mondon Hill Road between Hwy 41 and Hwy 50.

Produce Barn is open Sunday Monday Tuesday & Wednesday Farm Phone 352 799 6752 When we're busy in the field, our cells keep us available 352-232-3381 & 352-232-0294

E-mail us , we prefer phone calls rather than emails,beas9781@bellsouth.net

For our Produce Stand locations, dates, and hours please click here.

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What's a Blog?
My dad recently asked what a blog was, and how did the name come about. Here is the short-and-sweet answer to his questions.

Frequently-used words are often "shortened" into acronyms or nicknames.  Blog is a shortened "nickname" for WEB LOG. It's a log (or journal) which is on-line (on the web). Shortened from WEB LOG to WEBLOG and finally to today's name "Blog".

What is on the Blog?

The Beasley Farm blog contains Weekly Newsletters, Recipes, our Farm and Crop News, nutrition information, and probably a little of This N' That.

Several recipes have been loaded. They may be viewed by manually scrolling down the page, and even clicking on "older posts" to view more. There are eight "posts" to a page, to prevent overloading our customers' computers. If it turns out not to be problematic, we can increase the number of posts which show per page. So please don't hesitate letting me know about any "issues" in this capacity.
We Aim To Please.

SEARCH FEATURES: Another way of finding what you want is by scrolling down the blog page, looking in the right column, and see the RECIPES (which are like a "table of contents"). The Recipes are alphabetical. When they are clicked, recipes will pop up automatically. Some items are "cross-referenced", making it even easier to find recipes or information.

More Search Features: At the very top of our blog, just under our name and address, is a long, thin slot, with the word SEARCH on the right. You may enter a word and click on search to quickly find what you're looking for. It is our sincerest hope that the Beasley Farm Blog will prove enjoyably beneficial.

Why did we switch to a Blog format?

In general, it is more user friendly, and may be accessed easily from many platforms. Because it is not "e-mail", the photos will no longer cause "full mailboxes" for some customers. A nice plus is No more logins and passwords to remember. The Beasley Farm Blog is easily discoverable when using a Search Engine such as Google, AOL or Yahoo. 

It is our sincerest desire that you will enjoy this new format. At the very bottom of each DATED ENTRY, in tiny letters, you will see the words "comments". If you would like to leave a comment, please feel free to do so, or simply REPLY to me in the fashion you've grown accustomed. Also added are simple boxes to check at the bottom of each post, which you may check to lets us know your thoughts.

Thanks so much for being patient. We are excited about this new format. You'll probably notice that the original post was created in May 2010. There was some concern about whether people would access a blog back then, so we had not used it. We hope you will enjoy all the goodies a blog has to offer. Let me know if you have any questions, please. And thanks again for your kind patience.

Rolo and Joann
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