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Monday, December 26, 2011

Tasty and Healthy - New Year's Edition

We hope you are enjoying wonderful Christmas and Hannukah Celebrations and looking forward to your New Year Festivities. Below some special recipes our family enjoys are being shared with you for the day.

First - a reminder for where we'll be through the end of the year:

Monday - we will be at the Cloverleaf location (new hours 9A-1P). If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with us.

Friday - our Spring Hill Drive location at the Chevron Station. If you would like any of the Swiss Chard, Collards, or Turnip Roots, please phone to reserve them, so we can bring them with us. The Hernando County Farmers Market is closed next Saturday.

The Farm will be open regular hours.

For our Calendar of Locations, and special times and dates for December, please click here, or click on the Calendar Tab at the top of this page.

Because we are growing a large variety of Greens this winter, we will be harvesting Greens in a rotational manner. We will do our best to keep you informed of which Greens are being harvested, but if you need special orders, please phone the farm. We will do everything possible to accommodate your requests when special orders are made.

Where else can you phone to have freshly harvested produce made available?

This week's pesticide-free harvest includes:

A New Crop of Collards
Turnip Roots (good for stews, soups, and freezing)
Swiss Chard (great in winter salads, soups, sides and sandwiches)
White Icicle Radishes

We are grateful for the opportunity of serving you, and bringing you the freshest, healthiest produce possible at the best prices, for your family's dining enjoyment. Thanks for always being supportive and encouraging. Florida offers unique growing conditions - we always are open to your suggestions.

Do you have a traditional meal for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day?
Here in the south, Black-eye Peas and Collard greens are traditional dishes for New Year's.
How did this tradition begin?
Sometime in the 1700s, Black-eye Peas were introduced from Africa in the south. It wasn't until the Civil War, when southerners experienced the "luck" of eating the peas. Under the direction of General William Tecumseh Sherman, Union troops would strip the countryside of all stored food, crops, and livestock. At that time, Northerners considered "field peas" and corn suitable only for animal fodder, and as a result didn't steal or destroy these foods. Many Southerners survived as a result of this attitude. Of course, we now know how delicious these dishes are. Recipes abound using such seasonings as "fatback", diced onion, hot chili sauce, and pepper-flavored vinegar. Still others serve with rice, corn bread and pork.
Legend says Collard Greens and Black-eye Peas bring good luck and financial enrichment. The peas represent coins, while the greens symbolize paper money.

Excellent source of potassium and fiber
While we are out of Black-eyes, we still have Pink-eyes, which are pesticide-free, and fresh frozen.

High in vitamins, minerals and fiber

(whether with chips or veggies - a healthy & delicious choice!)

(full of vegetables, protein, and flavor!)

While enjoying Hoppin' John, try adding diced turnip root for added texture and minerals.

Coming soon!

Red Swiss Chard (I already sampled this and it is FANTASTIC!)
Spinach will soon be harvested as well.
Both are pesticide-free.

You have the potential to be anything you want to be.
You are free to choose, limited only by your fears.

Let your dreams take over.
Fly with the eagles, soar into life.
The world is waiting for you.

Author Unknown

and another good one for the New Year:

We have the power to challenge and redefine beauty every day through our words and actions.  - Ben Barry -

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. Gran'ma Angie, Rolo, Joann, Nana Phyllis, Chef Jack and I love our customers, and appreciate you very much. Thank you for making our farm possible.

New Year and Veggie Hugs from all of us at Beasley Farm,

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