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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Deviled Eggs - Easter Style

Whether it is with paprika or without, deviled eggs are always a hit at any get together, and make special occasions even more special. 

They are a great finger food.
Everyone has their favorite recipe when it comes to making deviled eggs. We enjoy using horseradish in ours. 

To make parties colorful, try using food coloring for a festive change! For a Green Eggs and Ham event, dye the eggs green.

After hard boiling the eggs, and allowing to cool, peel the eggs and slice in half. Placing the yokes in the mixing bowl, allow the white halves to slightly air dry. Prepare four cups with different food coloring in each. Soak until desired colors are achieved. It may be fun experimenting with colors.

The children enjoy preparing these eggs as much as traditional hard-boiled Easter Eggs. It teaches them which colors blend to create orange and purple and so forth.

Garnish with your favorite toppings - some like bacon, pickles, parsley - the possibilities are endless.

Have fun with this technique at your next get together!

NOTE: be sure to cut the eggs in half prior to coloring, so that the "tops" of the egg halves will be colored, too.
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