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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tasty & Healthy - October 20, 2011

Good News! Lots of it, in fact.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. To our newest members, we extend a HEARTY WELCOME. We hope you will enjoy this blog. There is a tab at the top of this page "How to Use this Blog". It will briefly explain all the features so you can enjoy using it for finding recipes, specials, and nutritional information.

First the GOOD NEWS! The Hernando County Farmers Market has a new permanent location with lots of parking and more vendors than ever! Sixty plus and counting! How fun is that? MORE GOOD NEWS - The new location will be convenient for those who live in northeast Pasco county as well as Hernando County! (details below)

In addition to our Produce Barn, we now have three satellite locations, bringing our produce to two places in Brooksville, and two places in Spring Hill!

1. See Joann and Rolo in at the Hernando County Farmers Market every Saturday from 10AM - 3PM in Spring Hill at 2450 US 19 (Commercial Way) where the old K-Mart used to be.

2. On Fridays see Rolo at our Spring Hill location from 6A-6P. 13045 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34609 (at the Chevron Station - corner of Spring Hill Drive & Linden Drive) Please phone ahead for special orders. Rolo will be happy to bring whatever you want!

3. On Mondays (8AM-1PM) we are at Cloverleaf Farm Mobile Home Park Just off Hwy 41, across from the Hernando County School Compound. Turn into Cloverleaf Farm's main entrance, on the right side by the golf driving range. We're delighted to bring fresh produce to Cloverleaf folks and others in the neighborhood!

Now, on to MORE good news! Our green beans are trickling in! No, it's not time for the Big U-Pick yet, but the beans are maturing. BUT... If you will be at the New Farmers Market on Saturday, Joann and Rolo will be offering their first-pick, pesticide-free, young-and-tender, delicious-and-nutritious green beans! How's that for a mouthful?

And if that's not good enough, they will have pesticide-free okra and zucchini fresh from the farm!

From the Plant City Farmers Market, Joann and Rolo visited two days in a row to bring you the freshest, best quality produce available at reasonable prices, and as close to Florida as possible.

How about a fruit salad with some fresh Walnuts or Pecans tossed in? Perfect for Breakfast or Lunch, Dessert or a snack!

Rolo and Joann trudged the market faithfully and found:

Red and Golden Delicious Apples
Navel Oranges
Lemons and Limes

Or maybe a salad, whether it be a traditional tossed salad or a cucumber and tomato salad?

Romaine Lettuce
Regular and Pickling cucumbers
Red and Green Bell Peppers

A great side to go with dinner tonight -

Eggplant (grilled, fried, baked or roasted)
Cabbage (raw, stir-fried, boiled or in a slaw?)
Carrots (braised, boiled, raw, or roasted)
Sweet Potato (a healthy alternative to traditional bakers)
Peppers (grilled, friend, baked, stir-fried or sauteed)

Also available are lots of other goodies! Let's not forget the hot peppers! Maybe some stuffed jalapeno pepper boats?

Want more good news? We love our customers, and appreciate all your efforts in supporting us. Please never hesitate making suggestions for how we might better serve you.

At the bottom of this post are the tiny words "comments". Let us know what recipes you would like us to add. We're slowly moving all our recipes into the blog. They may be found in the right column. Just scroll down to the section called LABELS, and click on a recipe!

Always Veggie Hugs,

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