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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yummy Green Beans, Roasted Finger Food!

Beans are so versatile! Perfect for freezing or canning, they are most delicious when freshly picked - straight from Beasley Farm - where no pesticides have been applied to them!

Bean flowers are sweet little white blossoms. Beasley Bees and other insects pollinate the flowers, and then a tiny bean emerges where each blossom was! They grow under the caring shelter of the plant's large leaves, and the watchful eyes of Joann and Rolo.

Keeping the beans weeded is a full time job, but it means more nutrients are available for the bean plants, which is transferred into the beans themselves.

Green Bean Nutritional Info

Have Roasted Green Beans been invited to your family's snack time, lunch or evening meal? They are simple to prepare, and may be eaten as finger food just like french fries!

Roasted Green Beans
After some experimentation, we found this to be a fun, interesting, and tasty addition to any meal. It also proved to be a great finger-food appetizer and healthy snack. If your family enjoys crispier treats, bake for a longer period of time. This has become one of our favorite side dishes!
One Bunch Fresh Green Beans, washed and dried

One Baggie

Cookie Sheet covered with Parchment Paper for easy cleanup

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Your family’s favorite Seasonings

We use a Cajon blend with fresh cracked pepper, kosher salt and some extra cayenne.

Place dried whole beans in baggie. Drizzle a little olive oil in baggie. Add seasonings. Shake well, coating all the beans.

On Parchment Paper-covered cookie sheet, place single row of beans, and put in preheated 400 degree oven. (Steam will escape your oven vents from the fresh beans, so you may wish to turn on the overhead stove fan.)

Bake about 15 minutes, turn beans over. (With the parchment paper, they can pretty much be “shaken” to move the beans).

Bake another 15 minutes.

Serve hot.
We found that cooking up to 40 minutes will produce crunchier, less moist beans. I prefer mine cooked less than 25 minutes, though they were more moist.
Why not try this recipe out before Thanksgiving - it will be a great side dish for the children - and adults :-) - or may be used for snacks instead of heavier foods during the activities before and after the big meal!

Have fun!

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