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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tasty and Healthy February 2, 2012

It's already here! February, that is. Time just moves too quickly and is so precious. The ground hog claims an Early Spring is on the way. 

The Falling Hearts remind us that Valentine's Day will soon upon us. It's a great time to encourage others, and show people they are thought of fondly. We include our sweeties, friends, family, and those who are often forgotten - with a little special goody - a handmade card, a delicious little tart, a special note in the lunch box, a carnation or flower - anything to let others know they are special and cared for. 

Since Super Bowl is almost upon us, finger food is a sure bet! Many enjoy Super Bowl Parties. It's a great time to have a party, including the kids. Below are a few recipes for sandwiches, dips and appetizers. Or check the right column for more recipes.

Today's date is a cool one - all zeroes, ones and twos 02-02-2012. How about some interesting food features to go with it? 

This week our featured products are grown right here on the farm - CRUCIFEROUS vegetables! Not sure what they are? It's surprising how diverse this group is. We made a quick list with an easy-to-read, brief explanation of why CRUCIFEROUS veggies are vital to our well being. They are also very easy to integrate into our menus. To read all about Cruciferous Veggies and see our farm photos, just click here.

HINT: Beasley Farm grows lots of varieties of Cruciferous vegetables. They are grown Fall and Spring, and do well in the Winter if Mother Nature does not send hard freezes.

Currently being harvested on the farm: pesticide-free savoy cabbage, turnips, kale, collards, and swiss chard (all in the cruciferous family)

Big favor please! We are in desperate need of bags again! Thanks for always answering our plea to recycle your plastic bags with us! Thank you!

Fantastic Finds at the Plant City Farmers Market - While we waited, freshly-harvested STRAWBERRIES! For a few sweet, inexpensive recipes from our kitchen to yours, please click here.

New New New Sunday Location!
Where we will be this week:
It will be great seeing you all at our satellite locations as well as at the Product Barn. We have a new Location for Sundays to accommodate folks who are unable to make it to the other locations. We tried several locations in the Brooksville area for Sunday first, but there was not suitable traffic. Hence, we will be at the Towne Square Market Place near Chili's Bar and Grill on Hwy 19, from 8AM - 3PM. For more details, please click here.

Monday - we will be at the Cloverleaf location. If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with us.

Friday - Rolo will be at the Spring Hill location. If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with him.

Saturday - Rolo and Joann will be at the Hernando County Farmers Market on Hwy 19 with nearly 80 other vendors! Come browse, shop, and visit with your neighbors - it's an all 'round enjoyable time. You'll also be supporting local businesses by visiting their booths. If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with us.

Saturday and everyday - Gran'ma Angie, Nana Phyllis, Joann and Rolo will be at the Produce Barn until 6PM. Fresh Cut Pesticide-free Greens will be eagerly awaiting you in their little wading pool.

Sunday - Rolo will be at the Towne Square Market Place in Spring Hill near Chili's on Hwy 19 from 8AM-3PM.  If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with him.

For our Calendar of Locations, and special times and dates for Januaryplease click here, or click on the Calendar Tab at the top of this page.

For your week-end adventures, we offer several recipes below.

Quotes for this week:

Stress is an ignorant state.
It believes that everything is an emergency.
Nothing is that important.
- Natalie Goldberg

The fact is that in order to do any thing in this 
world worth doing, we must not stand shivering 
on the bank thinking of the cold and the danger, 
but jump in and scramble through 
as well as we can.
~ Sydney Smith

psssst! Maxine got it right!
Veggies in dips, sandwiches, and snacks are a perfect food companion when lots of rather unhealthy food is around.
The chuckle is cute:

So are you planning a big party, or just hungry for some new recipes?

Here are some suggestions:


(or try with London Broil)


(an all time favorite)


We're looking forward to seeing you this week-end!
As always, thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. We appreciate you!

1 comment:

joann beasley said...

Great farm email Donna, love the falling hearts and all the nice receipes, so pretty and easy to read, you are the best!!!!

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