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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lemons and Lemon Water

Lemon Water is one inexpensive, easy, enjoyable way of incorporating many health-full nutrients in our daily lives.

The benefits of lemons are:

  • Balances pH (contains citric acid but is one of the most alkaline foods available. Once the citric acid is digested, it does not create further acid in the bod, but reduces the body's acidity.
  • Help with weight loss Lemons are rich in pectin fiber with alkaline properties which helps negate hunger cravings. Lemons replace essential nutrients helpful to maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Aids in digestion and waste excretion by flushing out toxins. It is liver's helpful partner and a natural diuretic, assisting the body's purification process and cleansing the urinary tract. Lemon's natural citrate helps prevent and break down kidney stones.
  • Supports healthy immune system, circulatory system and digestive system.
  • Rich in vitamin C, helping us fight off germs and promotes healthy skin through the circulatory system by decreasing wrinkles and blemishes. When our bodies and minds are "stressed", Vitamin C is one of the body's warriors, and is the first to be depleted. Replenish it regularly.
  • Rich in beneficial minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and potassium. Potassium assists with brain and nerve function, helps regulate blood pressure, and can even help with stress and resulting moodiness. Most of the essential minerals needed by our bodies are found in lemon juice.
  • Dental Hygiene - Lemons' analgesic properties can help relieve toothaches, gum bleeding and even control halitosis. 

Free Drinking Water aka WATER HEALTH recommends squeezing one lemon in six ounces of water for the following reasons:

When life gives you a lemon... as the traditional saying goes, you're supposed to make lemonade. But perhaps, as modern research is proving... you should squeeze that lemon and mix it with six ounces ofpurified water and drink twice daily.

Unlike coffee or tea which contains caffeine that can lead to dehydration, warm lemon water serves as the perfect good morning drink, as it aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea from taking place, by ensuring smooth bowel functions. Lemon, a fruit popular for its therapeutic properties, helps promote your immune system and thus, protects you from the clutches of most types of infections. It also plays the role of blood purifier. Lemon is a fabulous antiseptic bestowed on us by Mother Nature.

Lemon juice works wonders for people having heart problems, owing to its high potassiumcontent. So, make it a part of your daily routine to drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning and then open your gateway to enjoy its health benefits. "The medicinal value of the lemon is as follows: It is an antiseptic, or is an agent that prevents sepsis [the presence of pathogenic bacteria] or putrefaction [decomposition of tissue]. It is also anti-scorbutic, a term meaning a remedy which will prevent disease and assist in cleansing the system of impurities."

Due to the digestive qualities of lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn,bloating and belching can be relieved by having lemon juice. By drinking lemon juice regularly, the bowels are aided in eliminating waste more efficiently thus controlling constipation and diarrhea. "The lemon is a wonderful stimulant to the liver and is a dissolvent of uric acid and other poisons, liquefies the bile, and is very good in cases of malaria. Sufferers of chronic rheumatism and gout will benefit by taking lemon juice, also those who have a tendency to bleed, uterine hemorrhages, etc.; rickets andtuberculosis. In pregnancy, drinking lemon juice regularly will help to build bone in the child. We find that the lemon contains certain elements, which will build up a healthy system and keep that system healthy and well.

As a food, we find, owing to its potassium content, it will nourish the brain and nerve cells. Its calcium builds up the bony structure and makes healthy teeth. Magnesium, in conjunction with calcium, has an important part to play in the formation ofalbumin in the blood. The lemon contains potassium 48.3, calcium 29.9, phosphorus 11.1, and magnesium 4.4. Lemons are useful in treating asthma, biliousness, colds, coughs, sore throat, diphtheria, la grippe [flu or influenza], heartburn, liver complaint[s], scurvy, fevers and rheumatism.

Who Can Benefit From Lemon Water? Dr. Beddoe, a leading researcher of the properties of lemons, states "Lemon water can be beneficial to every person that can tolerate it. That is, if there is no allergy to lemons (a very few have a true allergy to lemons) and no active ulcers, then all adults and most children should consider drinking lemon water.

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