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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Specials for September 30

We just returned from The Beasley Produce Barn and are delighted with our loot! Rolo and Joann dutifully trudged in those very early morning hours to the Farmers Market in Plant City to see what goodies they could discover. Unfortunately, they found some shortages, so had to look a little longer and harder. They still found lots of yummy things to bring to market!

Some of the highlights are:

Florida Cantaloup (not from Colorado)
Florida Avocado

Three types of eggplant! purple, light purple, and white!
Peppers! Red and Green Bells, Poblano, Jalapeno, yum!
Yellow, Red, White onions and Scallions
Romaine and salad fixings like:
Salad cukes! (my favorite) - some folks call them pickling cucumbers
Regular cucumbers
FRESH radishes with tops! (more yummy)
Potatoes - Bakers and Sweets - and a few Reds!
Fresh Cabbage

other fruit:
Plums, Bananas, Lemons, Limes, and more Johnny Gold Apples!

News on the home front:
All Traditional Southern Field Peas are picked, and fresh frozen.
Plantings have been done for our Autumn and Winter crops, including the Autumn Green Bean U-Pick.
Pesticide-free Okra still harvesting.
Pesticide-free Zucchini is slowly trickling in (yummmmmmmy)

Friday - Spring Hill location
Saturday - Hernando County Farmers Market
Always - The Produce Barn

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