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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Affordable Baked Potato Ideas - Part 1

Potatoes often receive a bad rap because of their starchiness. More often than not, it's what has been added to the potato which really gives them the negative publicity. But potatoes can be very healthful. With their unique versatility, mineral-rich potatoes can be used in many recipes - morning, noon and night!

Have you tried making "stuffed" baked potatoes? Sometimes known as "Twice Baked Potatoes" it's a fun way of introducing vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood to any menu. Is there a finicky eater in your family. This is an interesting way of "sneaking" in some changes in the menu. Stuffed baked potatoes allows you to creatively utilize flavors, proteins and vitamin-packed vegetables to those who prefer a bland diet. 

Having a convenient weekly baked potato "bar" can become a meal in itself for any family. Above are some ideas I found on the internet. Just click the photo to see better details. Potatoes are perfect for imaginative cooks and are perfect for children who enjoy choosing what will go on their plates. Ask them to choose at least three items from the bar for their potato - of course, you have the say of what goes on the potato bar. 

Substitute some items which would otherwise go untouched... like... Spoon protein-and mineral-rich, fat-free organic Greek yogurt into a pretty serving dish and let others "mistake" it for sour cream. Place an assortment of colorful, chopped vegetables in bowls to be sprinkled on each person's masterpiece. Are there leftover meats or poultry in the refrigerator? Chop them so they can be added in the potato. Cheesy lovers will enjoy adding a little of their favorite cheese to potatoes. Chili, eggs, broccoli, scallions, or chili peppers all add interest to the potato. Serve with a salad or other vegetable side. The Yogurt will provide all the protein needed in this inexpensive, family-interactive, colorful meal. 

Check out the kid-friendly Shrimp-Stuffed Packed Potato at "Cooking for Kids". 

For more kid-friendly recipes, check out these sites:

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For more potato ideas on the Beasley Farm site, please view the right bar under Labels.

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