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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tasty and Healthy January 19, 2012

Hello! Thanks to everyone who braved the near freezing temperatures last Saturday at the Hernando County Farmers Market. Has our weather been crazy or what? Seems like the extremes of hots and colds is producing lots of allergy and cold symptoms in people who normally don't have those issues during the winter. We hope that is not the case for you and yours. We're including some interesting (and hopefully, helpful) information about foods in this newsletter. So let's get started!

First, our great news is that Lisa Reynes (an apiary specialist) from the Florida Dept of Agriculture came to the farm on January 16 to inspect our bee hives. We are pleased to say that Beasley bees are healthy and happy! A very good report, indeed! Researchers are finding that bees who enjoy a diversity of crops from which to gather nectar actually possess healthier immune systems! 

We're still trying to decide whether to replant the crops we lost because the unwanted overnight freezing temps keep showing up. Even this morning, it was unexpectedly in the 30s.

There's lots of talk about Essential Fatty Acids these days, but with consumers being bombarded with "distorted" marketing tactics, it's often difficult to know fact from fiction, even with the new labeling guidelines. 

Because one of our most popular fruits **Avocados** is high in Monounsaturated Fats, I thought we'd take a minute to discuss the benefits of those fats, and why we should all be looking for foods containing them.  

Monounsaturated fats assist in:

1) managing blood sugars, 
2) moisturizing the skin from the inside out, 
3) are "heart healthy". 

They can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and typically contain the antioxidant Vitamin E. Monounsaturated Fats contain a single, double-bonded (unsaturated) carbon molecule. Most Monounsaturated oils are liquid at room temperature. It is healthful to replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats like olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil and sunflower oil. Most nuts (walnuts, almonds, filberts) contain this beneficial oil. 

Does your family enjoy potatoes? Yes, they do contain starch and sugar, but did you know they are good for you? Let's do a quick comparison:

Potatoes themselves can be a healthy addition to the diet. It's what one does during or after cooking them that gives them a bad name. Sweet Potatoes are flavorful enough without adding sugar or butter. In fact, they a great baked in the oven, grill or microwave and eaten with minimal to no seasoning. Baked "White" Potatoes are delicious with drizzled Olive Oil and some plain Greek Yogurt on top. Add chopped scallions or your favorite seasonings. Sweet Potato fries are a delicious way of sneaking in those antioxidants for your family. 

Affordable potato ideas can be found on our Potato Part One page here. We've also done a "Potato Comparison" explaining the difference in the more than 80 commercially grown potatoes. Just Click here to see it. For lots of general information about potatoes, and the many ways of cooking them, check out the All About Potatoes website.

As mentioned in last week's edition of Tasty and Healthy, we are sliding into our routines, but were saddened that we lost all our crops to the two-day-freeze 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, we sustained another hard freeze this week-end.

We hope to replant soon, but most items take 60-90 days before they may be harvested. We're sad for you, too, because these were specially grown for our local community for maximum flavor and nutritive value.

Though our farm was hit hard, as were others, we still went to the Plant City Farmers Market and picked up some spectacular veggies and fruits for your family's eating pleasure. We invite you to try new ways of preparing vegetables to suit your own tastes and styles. Be innovative and enjoy Mother Nature's Bounty! Incorporate vegetables into main dishes, or a few sides, so your family enjoys the maximum benefit of fat-free, vitamin-packed flavorful food. 

Our pesticide-free turnip roots are still available. These are great to use served alone (in steamed cubes, or mashed in place of potatoes). Dice or rough chop to add to any other vegetable side dishes for interesting taste and color contrast.

It will be great seeing you all at our satellite locations as well as at the Product Barn:

Monday - we will be at the Cloverleaf location. If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with us.

Friday - Rolo will be at the Spring Hill location. If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with him.

Saturday - Rolo and Joann will be at the Hernando County Farmers Market on Hwy 19 with nearly 80 other vendors! Come browse, shop, and visit with your neighbors - it's an all 'round enjoyable time. You'll also be supporting local businesses by visiting their booths. If you would like any of the pesticide-free greens, please phone to reserve them, so that we know to bring them with us.

Saturday and everyday - Gran'ma Angie, Nana Phyllis, Joann and Rolo will be at the Produce Barn until 6PM. Fresh Cut Pesticide-free Greens will be eagerly awaiting you in their little wading pool.

For our Calendar of Locations, and special times and dates for Januaryplease click here, or click on the Calendar Tab at the top of this page.

Our quotes today are:

If we turn our eyes away from what we have, 
we are missing Life.
-Normal Rockwell-

Make no judgements where 
you have no compassion.
- Anne McCaffrey -

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.
We appreciate our friends and loyal customers.
Stay Warm!

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