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Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Week's Specials - LOTS of news to share

We have some incredible specials for you this week-end! AND Tremendous News happening on the Farm. LOTS of news, in fact... all the way to the bottom of this post... so let's get started!

Aside from all the work on the farm with tens of thousands of plants growing, Rolo and Joann walked and walked AND WALKED the Farmers Market in Plant City for two mornings, searching for fresh produce which is grown as close to Hernando County as possible. They strive to purchase from Florida Farmers before obtaining produce from other regions.

Reminder: words in purple mean a link has been created for you to conveniently click and see the recipe or details. Recipes in the right column under the word LABELS are also clickable.

WHERE WE WILL BE: We've added and changed a few of our regular satellite locations. Please visit the Calendar Page to see how this affects you in the Cloverleaf and Spring Hill Drive locations for the month of November. We will be closed at Noon on Thanksgiving Day. We will be at our Spring Hill Drive location on Tuesday instead of Friday. The Hernando County Farmers Market is open on Black Friday, and we will be there! So Friday Thanksgiving week only, we will not be on Spring Hill Drive, but at our Hwy 19 location (details here).

On October 5, the Florida Department of Agriculture greeted us with a surprise visit, testing our soil and produce for 179 different harmful pesticides. We are pleased to report that no pesticides were detected. For more information, please go here.

Need some Thanksgiving Ideas?
Recently added for your convenience (just click on the recipe links below):

Black Forest Cookies
Sauteed Red Skin Potatoes
Cheesy Squash Casserole
Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables
Roasted Green Beans
Iced Lemon Cookies

Or just look to the right under the word "LABELS" and click on the recipe. It's slow going, but I'm getting the recipes moved from the Yahoo Group to the blog.

Yummies Joann and Rolo found at the Farmers Market are:

Red and Green Bell Peppers
Purple and Green Cabbage
Romaine Lettuce
Sweet Potatoes
Red Potatoes
Red and Yellow Onions
Butternut and Acorn Squash
Avocados (aka alligator pears!)
Navel Oranges
Fuji Apples

Farm News:

  • Soon our Turnips and Red Burgundy Beans will be ready for harvest! 
  • Some greens are now available. 
  • As we are able the next few weeks, an assortment of greens will be harvested on a rotational basis, including Swiss Chard and Bok Choy.
  • Please phone the farm to special order any greens if shopping at one of our satellite locations. Greens are very delicate and require special attention from the moment they are harvested. Greens will not be brought to Spring Hill or Cloverleaf unless special arrangements were made in advance. Thanks for understanding.


Pesticide-free Zucchini and Squash
Pesticide-free 8-ball Zucchini (limited supply)
Pesticide-free Pole Beans (U-Pick)
Pesticide-free Assorted Greens harvested in rotation. (Available at the Farm, unless special arrangements were made in advance.)

Beginning tomorrow morning after 10AM our Pesticide-free Pole Bean Fields (pole beans only) will be open for U-Pick! Perfect for canning or freezing, and delicious fresh! Check out our bean recipes here.
We recommend arriving after 10AM tomorrow to make sure you don't miss out. Our suggestion is to wear old shoes because the fields are damp in the mornings.

While bushel baskets are available during picking, we suggest bringing a clothes basket lined with a towel or sheet, or perhaps even a sheet with a string to tie the top for transporting home... whatever containers you may have at home in order to transport them conveniently.

$12 for the half bushel.

$18 for the whole bushel.

Have you seen our calendar for who? what? when? and where?
Just click here, or click on the tab at the top of this page. The tab will be updated every month to let you know about our exact dates and times for our satellite locations. This month, we have extra days to be out and about in order to accommodate Thanksgiving. 

Our quote for the week is:

"It does not matter how 
slowly you go as long
as you do not stop."

We're looking forward to serving you this week!

Happy Thanksgiving Preparations,
Donna, Rolo, Joann, Gran'ma Angie, and Nana Phyllis

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